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The Story Campaign is one of 4 central player modes that details the main, current events of the game.

There are a total of 9 playable “episodes”: Prologue, The Algorithm, The Void's Edge, The Renegade, The Archive, The Sentinel, The Experiment, The Saboteur, and The Heliophage.

Story Operations serve as a continuation to the story after the initial campaign.

Overview Edit

The Battleborn are a group of fighters whose overarching goal is to defend Solus, the last star in the universe, from the Varelsi. Within the campaign, the main objective is to stop Rendain, a Jennerit Warlord who  betrayed the survivors years prior and allied himself with the Varelsi. While undermining Rendain and his plan to quicken the Darkening, the Battleborn have to assist the factions in getting back on their feet, whether it’s by helping an entire group or a mere individual.

Story EpisodesEdit

Episode 0: The Prologue

Episode 1: The Algorithm

ISIC has seized control of Fort Ocoban – an old UPR mining colony on the ice moon of Bliss – where he plans to strike the killing blow against the cosmos, and free all sentient life from the cruel mockery they call existence. To do this, he’ll need Ocoban’s considerable energy reserves to process the Algorithm: a program that ISIC believes can crash the universe itself.

Episode 2: The Void's Edge

Stop a Varelsi incursion by plugging up a portal anomaly on Bliss.

Episode 3: The Renegade

Recruit a legendary warrior by helping him get a much-needed recharge!

Episode 4: The Archive

Tree-hugging fun for lovers of literacy in the burning jungles of Ekkunar.

Episode 5: The Sentinel

What universe would be complete without at least two super-weapons? Stop this one on Ekkunar before bad things happen. 

Episode 6: The Experiment

Who says dwarves aren't smart? Help Boldur research "all the things" at Amenine Observatory on Ekkunar

Episode 7: The Saboteur

Team up with a special away-team guest on Tempest as you help Rendain further refine his tastes. 

Episode 8: The Heliophage

Fight for the Universe as you confront Rendain on Tempest
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