Skills, Augments, and Balance changes:

  • Reduced the bonus damage of Eins, Zwei, Die from 50% to 25%
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Marquis to damage a Sentry's health using its shield hit box
  • Marquis' level 4 Left Helix Augment, Time Killer now consistently damages enemies within Temporal Distortion regardless of terrain

Challenges and Statistics:

  • Reduced the number of games required for Marquis' “Hobo Eradication Protocol” challenge from 10 to 5
  • Reduced the number of games required for Marquis' “Overprotective” challenge from 5 to 3

Visual and Audio Effects:

  • Fixed a visual issue with Predatory Strike owls when they are affected by certain third person FX
  • Bindlebane attacks no longer trigger critical hit sound effects on Immune targets


  • Fixed an issue with Marquis's level 2 Mutation, Eyes Everywhere.
  • Fixed an issue where Marquis's ultimate Bindleblast damage was not tracked properly after taking level 10 Right Helix Augment, exe.

Hot fixesEdit

  • Reduced Bindlebane sniper base damage by 15%.[3]
  • Reduced base health by 12%.