In capture, teams of heroes must capture and protect objectives on the map to win. The objectives are different depending on the map played and can be either static or dynamic. The first team to achieve 1000 points will win the match. There are three maps for this mode. They are Outback, Temples, and Snowblind.

Four awesome tips to capture your way to victory:

  • Roll as a team- Move from point to point with a team mate as their skills can complement yours to help you capture or defend a given point
  • Control the supply point- Under point B is a supply node build it and use it stay alive longer on the battlefield
  • Build your defenses- Both point A and C have defense buildable options. Build turrets to help defend a capture point. Also build logistic nodes to give your team a speed boost around the map!
  • Use the Short cuts- Both points A and C have short cut paths for more vertical movement players, which allow for faster access to the capture points if they need to be taken back or defended by your team.





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