Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion is a Story Operation, which was released with October 13, 2016 update.


"It's the kinda night the whole planet's looking to chew you up and use your femur as a toothpick.
Tempest... a giant fist hanging in space, in search of a face to punch. Maybe mine.
But somewhere deep in this city, there's another fight brewing."


This operation explores Attikus' account of the Third Thrall Rebellion. The ultimate goal of each story is to defeat the Silent Sister Aria, demonstrating Attikus' strength and allowing a portion of the thralls to break away from their control and join the rebellion.

In this operation, there are a total of 24 side objectives. However, the player will only have to complete four randomly selected objectives within a single run-through. Currently, a couple of the potential objectives are missing, so they are not listed below.

  • Defeat Sister Aria
    • Destroy jamming towers X/2
      • Investigate anomaly
      • Locate and destroy nearby shards X/3
      • Defeat all MX.Deadeyes X/5
      • Defeat all MX.Ronins X/5
      • Defeat Beastmaster Shaman
    • Rendezvous at beacon
    • Secure beacon
      • Build some turrets X/2
      • Secure data beacons X/2
      • Secure loot cache
      • Defeat all MX.Deadeyes X/4
      • Destroy MX.Bulwark with a skill
      • Stop M1. Boom Bots from damaging beacon
    • Follow Attikus
    • Defeat Aria's forces
      • Enable all beacons X/3
      • Avoid Jennerit ship attacks
      • Destroy pylons with melee X/3
    • Follow Attikus
    • Breach tower
      • Deface statues of Rendain X/2
      • Secure nearby loot cache
      • Build some turrets X/2
      • Avoid Jennerit ship attacks
      • Destroy MX.Deadeyes with melee attacks X/3
    • Locate Aria
    • Kill the Silent Sister
  • Rendezvous with Attikus


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Common EnemiesEdit



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  • If the rally beacon is destroyed, it does not result in a mission failure. Instead, the player's current amount of ops points will be reset to 0.
    • The reset isn't permanent, however; it's reset only for the current run.


  • Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion was released on October 13th, 2016 and is the first of the story operations to be released.
  • The operation is done with a film noir-esque, as demonstrated by Detective Attikus, the femme fatales, and a filter that grays out all of the colors (except for red, which is highlighted).
  • There are two Borderlands Easter Eggs that can be found within the operation, revealing that the third installment of the series will be taking place on the planet Promethea.[1][2]



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