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This strategy guide was created to help players determine the best Gear and Helix choices for Alani based on Game Mode type and Role. Contributors are encouraged to share their knowledge so that others may benefit from it.


Alani's Level 1 stats:

Max Health: 1036 Health Regeneration: +7.0
Max Shield: 0 Shield Recharge Delay: 5 s Shield Recharge Rate: +60.0
Primary Attack: 57 Secondary Attack: 56


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There are a few pieces of gear that can really make Alani an overall better character. Since changes occurring to her during the Summer Update, Alani has taken a large hit to her playstyle, but despite these changes (which include a cut of her Osmosis and thus, Wellspring), she is still a character worth checking out - but you'll find yourself slightly more handicapped than before. To make up for this, and to make your match a lot more enjoyable, there are THREE (3) pieces of gear that are essential if you want to play her right.

Attack SpeedEdit

PF Gear AttackSpeed Common LLC

The cheaper gear, the better

Alani has attack speed built into her, but she doesn't have a lot. Not until you get Whitewater (Level 7, Left) do you really feel like you have any sort of control over her. While some may find her default attack speed just fine, others may find it lacking and if you find her attack speed could use an oomph, then look no further than attack speed gear. Alani's play-style revolves around gaining stacks through Osmosis and using those stacks to heal individuals, and the quicker Alani can get full stacks, the better she is at being a healer.

Since the motto of this segment will be "The Cheaper, The Better", finding a zero-cost sword is really quite essential. By having this gear in your arsenal, and having it straight off the bat, gaining stacks - and fighting the opposite team - will be a lot easier to do. So, if you want more speed, invest in attack speed gear.

Other types of Attack Speed gear:

If you're looking to spend a little, the Vow of Zealous Fury is an excellent piece of gear to use on Alani. By activating any skill, you get an extra 8.40 attack speed (on top of the default stats and the attack speed she gets at Whitewater). It's a little costly, but if you want to try and get even more stacks as fast as absolutely possible, this is definitely the way to go.

First Aid kitEdit

PF Gear HealPower Common ELD Flawed

Since the Summer Update, Alani has (as of time of writing) had a cut in the amount of healing she can do overall, which means she doesn't do as nearly as much healing as she should and, on par with other healers, she is lower down the list of healers who can make a dent in their team. Still, Alani is still very much a capable healer and, mixed with her attack damage, she can become a fierce player in the match.

However, since her "nerf", having a FIRST AID KIT is essential if you want to make any use out of her, which is why having heal power (like the one shown above) is a must in any scenario. Unlocking it straight off will give you a boost that, as time goes on, will make you be able to heal on par as any of the other Battleborn. Again, the cheaper the better.

Other types of Heal Power gear:

This is where personal preference comes into it, and it's up to you whether you indulge a little and spend on Heal Power gear that offers other buffs. Certainly, any epic gear will be beneficial to Alani, but whether or not you want to save up 1050 shards to get an extra buff with your healing, or whether you want to jump in and have your first aid kit already there is entirely up to you.

However, whether legendary gear is useful depends entirely on what you want out of it. So, in layman's terms, is other HEAL POWER gear essential? It's up to you.

Skill DamageEdit

PF Gear SkillDamage Common LLC

One thing many people don't know is that SKILL DAMAGE (not ATTACK DAMAGE) buffs Alani's healing (though by how much isn't known), but it buffs it enough to make it an essential piece of gear. Not only does it buff Alani's healing, it also plays an essential role in adding a little more damage to her skills. It may not be absolutely essential like the other two, but if you feel like you want to out-heal the other team, having a little bit of skill damage is truly worth it.

Other types of Skill Damage gear:
PF Gear SkillDamage Epic JNT

Any epic gear will do just fine for Alani when it comes to skill damage. For example, the one the right may be worth looking out for as you can get an extra attack speed. Since more attack speed is never really a bad thing, this epic gear may be worth the shards.


If you want to spend a little, the Shield Web Interdictor is worth the shards. It's among the lesser-expensive legendaries and since it stops shields from charging, it fits right at home with Alani. Using any of her skills - Riptide, Geyser or Emergence - will play havoc with the enemy team.


Sprint/Movement Speed:
Sprint and/or Movement Speed is not essential when it comes to Alani but, since she is a slow character, having a little extra juice to get her moving might be something you want to invest in. Since she has a mutation for a whopping 30% movement speed (Kinetic Diffusion, Level 3, middle), having any more movement speed might be overkill, especially when you only have three loadout spaces.

However, having said that, a full movement-speed build is rather ridiculous, if not fun, and is worth doing if you want to get a little silly with Alani.

Attack Damage:
Attack Damage is another one of those personal preferences you might want to invest in. There's plenty of good gauntlets out there to choose from, but as mentioned above, the cheaper the better.


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PVP BuildsEdit

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